The Very Attractive Tel Aviv Apartment by Chiara Ferrari Studio

Coming our way to impress, a modern dwelling marvelously designed by London – based designer Chiara Ferrari will boast its charms to seduce you as well as to inspire you. The tranquil and poised space is situated in an older building in the capital of Israel, Tel Aviv.

The apartment is in a real contemporary style which everyone is going gaga over. It was originally inspired from the diverse architectural mix and rich history of Tel Aviv. The designer planned to renovate the space and brought modern design and elements from the location’s period character together. The space was actually a 1924 Eclectic-style residential building in the coastal Israeli city, this project revolved around the refurbishment of a 116 m² (1250 ft²) flat. The structure’s original identity was considered pivotal part of it thus is maintained as it was till date. It also involves the use of local construction techniques and material, which was handpicked and customized by the maker herself. The space is quite in calm beauty with neutral colors and palette tones such as white, grey, pale woods and etc. Yet you can see some pops and splashes of assorted colors on certain pieces which make the space alive and appear vibrant and vivid. The house includes some areas such as a large open-plan entrance, living, dining and kitchen area, a master en-suite bedroom and two guest bedrooms, sharing a bathroom and many more. This house is very attractive no matter how you see it. It owns certain charms that others hardly possess. If you feel like this one will do to add another useful reference into your list, you can get to know it better from the images we share here. Let’s see what you think about it.

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