Smashing Ranch by Bruce Johnson & Associates in Modern Kick

The posh contemporary ranch designed awesomely by Bruce Johnson & Associates makes its way to be close to our heart. The very fine organic house is another smart effort made to create a home in modern style with warm vibes all around. The dwelling rests peacefully in Calgary, Canada and we would like to invite you exploring the house to see what makes this one different from others.

The house features several rooms which are all managed very cleanly, neatly and beautifully. Wooden surfaces are superb in each space of the house such as the furniture; decorations, floors, walls’ finishes, ceilings and etc. all add elegance and class as well as the homey feels of it in a very endearing manner. The accessories and stuff in the house should be taken into account. They are super artsy and unique adding more eyes candy to make the house even more attractive. Most of them are in dark tones such as black. Look a t shelving in the living space, they are charismatic pieces which will turn every eye. Some classical touches can be seen here and there and we like the pictures hanged on walls which show some Indian origins’ portraits. The custom build kitchen is made of mostly woods. The kitchen range can be this awesome in wooden touch and we love the look of it. Well, the hanging pendant lamps in various shapes also add glamour which always attract. The main bedroom has a very unique wall texture which is made of some woods’ cuts put together. You got to see the cool wooden spiral stairs, it really rocks. The sight of super vast area outside can give you little bit of entertainment.

Well, there are more in the house which will add for your astonishment. Without too much talking, this is indeed a great house is the way to sum it up. The house is splendid, the situation is comfortable and the look of it is awesome. Get more images and see how this one will do for you.

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