Get Glossy and Classy At Coronado Condo by Bill Bocken Architecture & Interior Design

When a monochrome house is attacked by some loud colors popping everywhere, what will you expect from such a situation? Madness! Yes, we really love these little brave pieces in the house that make huge difference which of course will be much better. See how the wonderful design by Bill Bocken Architecture & Interior Design will take you by surprise and wow you.

It is situated in an affluent resort city of Coronado, close to San Diego, California. Set in white with some black touches, the house has the biggest chance to appear radiant and bright which will allow hot and loud colors to stand out even more vivid and vibrant letting your house seems merrier than ever. This beautiful beachside condominium dwelling is a place where fun becoming part of it and make everyday more than special. Look at the kitchen dining space there. Pops of red, yellow and green from some decorations, furniture and even plants there will make your moments there better and nicer. Cool and fancy stuff are all over the place. In fact, the seascape out there is not to be wasted. And in order to indulge you with it, a cozy lounge is provided to assist. The living space is groovier with fancy cool stuff around that make for a party. The glossy and shiny surfaces of some exquisite furniture will not fail to let you think that the house is a classy and stylish space which is worth all your money. Only pieces with loud colors are allowed to make their appearances in the house and those flowers on some corners are truly beautiful and make the house seems alive with passionate personality in its baggage.

What can we say? This house is simply fantabulous. You can see that this modern house is very potential to appear cold, plain and unfriendly. But those colors can turn it into a beauty which makes everyone envy.

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