Incredibly Sweet and Adorable Philadelphia Penthouse by Caitlin Wilson

How about looking at a house of craft with colors all over the place, abundant really? There is one in Philadelphia, a house full of adorable and sweet ornaments, decorations and etc. this one may suit girls and women more and the vibrant and vivid tones are captivating to keep us feeling like being at home instead of hanging out. The talented and brilliant designer, Caitlin Wilson should receive our compliments and that’s all.

It is a jaw dropping space. The spaces are too awesome to be true. Taking a step into the workspace studio where adorable and artistic stuff are made and created, it feels like getting into Alice’s wonderland. Those pops of colors with sizzling wall arts in butterflies’ motif. The cushions are unbelievably cute and very stunning adorning the modest sofa. The living space is crisp and lively with a sweet couch in pink. You may not see many of dining spaces in very elegant and gorgeous look. The walls are painted in various tones starting from assorted colors up to the pure and innocent ones. The blue wall is graced by so many pictures and images framed nicely and a mirror in flower shape is just too good. The chandelier is glamorously stunning adding more grace in the house. The white tone in majority really makes it shine even brighter and very pleasing. It looks so cozy and cool in the house making for an absolute home sweet home you desire to really live your life to the fullest. There are more to see, so do not even try to stop here unless you will regret it the whole life.

Splendid Miami Beach Residence with Breathtaking Ocean Views by Allen Saunders

What do you think a modern house with a variety of style, color and comfort? Don’t you think it will make something extraordinary? Yes, we like the sound of it and seeing the Miami Beach residence we know better what this all about. The one house that exudes fun and beauty remarkably is designed by the very awesome designer in the business, Allen Saunders.

The space is actually never like this. Before, it was a different house until it was redesigned to look this cool and trendy. The magnificent ocean views outside give it a better look, a better situation and a better way to indulge one’s self. You may get to see fancy stuff all round the house. They are trendy, they are super stylish and what is important is that they are colorful which always make for all fun reasons to have in the house. In the open plan area at the front, a decent living space is located with glass windows all around to see the sights while a super splendid space, which we suppose as a dining but actually we are rather skeptical because it is too good to be a mere dining nook. The white round marble table with six groovy chairs in beige adorned with several golden accents is what we call sublime. Some panels are chosen to beautify each space and all of them looking so attractive. Zigzag patterns are found all over the house on things such as cushions, rugs, chairs, bed sheet, couch, and etc. which are very unique to give a house a certain iconic look. You can even see it in the bathroom’s walls. The very posh and sumptuous bathroom with marble bath tub and shower boot is all to give you perfect experience there. From the front up to the very back part of the house, everything is set to spoil and to pompous you. Yet this one is not as lavish as others can be but it can be adequately dramatic which can reach your taste’s scale. We want you to see yourself why this house will be potential to inspire you. The images will tell the better version of its details, so better not miss them.

The Incredibly Fun and Young 3 Blind Mice by J.A.S. Design-Build

Let’s meet the beam & Block house which is brilliantly designed by the popular Polish architecture firm mode:lina. The space is an inherently modern and superbly chic no matter how you see it. There is a young and dynamic feeling about the house which will be a perfect place for young family.

Located in Poznań, this one has a rustic and earthy look which is cool and nice. The grayish tones really make for the breezy and relaxing vibes. The tones are actually in combination of white and black. The charismatic and edgy look is undeniably trendy and stylish making. The structure and layout of the house as well as the shaping is quite futuristic letting you enter another space with sophistication all around. Some wood finishes and surfaces warm the house nicely giving you the appearance of homey space where comforts are on the air to be enjoyed. The beams and columns and concretes are left in their original looks. Stull, they are so neat and clean which do not reduce the house’s aesthetic at all. The stairs also remain like that with some wooden steps to lead the way up there and there are several of them. Some yellowish surfaces are found creating sweet moments in the house and make it less plain and cold. The bedroom feature more wooden stuff and surfaces to get cozy feelings with a baby’s swing bed to keep watching the kid even at night.

The house is incredibly minimalist with little things filling the house but that is actually the source of its awesomeness. It appears cool, poised, yet very stylish and appealing. If you like home like this, see all the images we share and let you, yourself be inspired.