Palm Beach Penthouse That Shines Like a Pearl upon the Ocean by Cindy Ray Interiors

A luxurious modern dwelling in its best is probably what comes in our mind after seeing the glamorous Palm Beach Penthouse designed fantastically by Cindy Ray Interiors. Oceanfront condominium apartment is situated in the peaceful and stunning area in Palm Beach, Florida. Its lavish interior design is to be complimented for sure.

First of all, this place is really blessed by breathtaking sights. Once you get yourself close to it, a wonderful waterfall already meets you with the most amiable greeting. The tranquil and relaxing environment is worth all things you have. The history of its making follows a certain lifestyle carried by the clients. They are casual and like things to be in that state to enjoy their life in complete happiness with ocean views and vicinity to the beach and challenged by mechanical and structural parameters. The house was also going through some changes and had been redesigned and remodeled to achieve a certain plan. It was to transform the small spaces into distinct open plan areas and make them appear stylish and also to function as what they are intended to. The spaces are set mainly in white with some touches of sandy beiges, sea glass greens and blues along with white shimmering Venetian plastered wall surface to get pearly effects which are all in similar situation of the situation of a beach. The house is quite massive which is very spacious with strategic opening. The feel is also incredibly warm which always pleases and the atmosphere is highly positive there. There are more custom-made stuff and things than you might think. There are custom-made moldings and millwork, storage behind every piece of millwork, concealed doors to access the powder room and guest bedroom. Custom millwork, mirrors, antique pieces and tailored upholstery outfit the Master Bedroom are also parts of the residence and many more.

The house looks super plush with glittery and twinkling stuff. Yet you may find some antique and unique pieces mob the house giving the class and beauty to be really felt a great deal. Everything falls into place creating a dreamy home everyone desires to have once in their life. This one looks like a million bucks.