Artsy and Catchy Downtown Loft by Kristina Wilson Design

A gorgeous house is a result of a remodeling done by Kristina Wilson Design. The traditional nature is still inherent yet you may find two or more modern stuff adorning the space as well. What can I say? This artsy beauty is a real homey space where warm and comfort feelings are on the air keeping you stay there for much longer hours that can possibly surprise you.

Located in Houston, Texas, USA, You may see such classically exotic and interesting stuff all around making their appearances to recall the memory of yesteryear’s charms with glamorous and sweet items taking parts. Though there are some renovation and remodeling are practiced, you can see the brave step to let things uncovered and raw, for example the brick accents on some walls and the unconcealed beams, columns, and concretes take a show of themselves confidently which make them look quite earthy and rustic which is quite rare in traditional houses yet they are fabulous. The open plan space feature a modest living space with a contemporary styled dining nook next to it. Some pictures and framed images are hanged on the wall there be the eye candy of the space while some colorful flowers become the beautiful stunners on some spaces. You may also find unique rugs with interesting patters in some areas as well.

Indeed, the house is leading on the aspect of comfort, warmness and coziness which every one desire to have in their house. But you can also see its genuine uniqueness that other houses do not possess. The collection of old school stuff which are precious in that time can be things we like to see more in here. Yet you can also feel the tranquility which is able to be felt easily in such space.

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